Thumbnails of CC images: Society and living today

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Yes sure ok
Go green for future generations
Rich poor and democracy
All good things are wild and free - Thoreau
We are what we think according to Buddha
No never uh-uh
Prescription for relaxing Live well, laugh care and work
Go slow and enjoy life more
Dickens "'A loving heart...
maybe, maybe not
yesterday, TODAY, tomorrow
Addison on smiles, flowers...
I sure can YES Burns my bunns
Forgiving feels better
Better to be kind than to be cool

Nowhere to complain
Relax, smile, take a while - Grampa Ken
Hate shopping button
No branding for me
Fashion and famine in a world of plenty Food package labels: ingredients
Live successfully with faith, hope, charity
Thanks, merci, appreciate it.
To be loved you must love
TV MUTE button avatar
Super Mom logo
Don't sit and stew says Grampa Ken
Profits over people society?
Take a break and meditate - Grampa Ken
Bicycle happy face logo - Grampa Ken
Deceptive sales tag wording
Fix TV  programs
Business dilemma: Greed or ethic?
Aristotle on liars Scene old lighthouse keeper residence
Sunset in the Gulf Islands
Gulf Islands BC sunset
Sailboat, heron off White Rock beach
Mexican sunset Seniors' quiet moment on the shore
Puerto Vallarta: Cruise ship overnight anchor


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